List of Rectors

1547 Sir William Rowlandson
1571 Geoffrey Evans
1579 William Steward
1590 Nathaniel Baxter
1591 Thomas Salisbury
1592 Joseph Clerk
1616 Roger Manwayring

(Chaplain to James I, Dean of Worcester, Bishop of St. David’s)

Undated Gilbert Dillingham
1635 Brian Walton

(Bishop of Chester)

1636 William Heywood

(Domestic Chaplain to Archbishop Laud, Chaplain to Charles I, Prebendary of St Paul’s)

The Commonwealth Henry Cornish, Arthur Molyne and Thomas Case were “ministers” respectively of St Giles-in-the-Fields – William Heywood restored on the return of Charles II.
1663 Robert Boreman
1675 John Sharp

(Archdeacon of Berks, Prebendary of Norwich, Chaplain to Charles II, Dean of Canterbury, Archbishop of York)

1691 John Scott

(Canon of Windsor)

1695 William Hayley

(Dean of Chichester, Chaplain to William III)

1715 William Baker

(Bishop of Bangor, Bishop of Norwich)

1732 Henry Gally

(Chaplain to George II)

1769 John Smyth

(Prebendary of Norwich)

1788 John Buckner

(Bishop of Chichester)

1824 Christopher Benson

(Master of the Temple)

1826 James Endell Tyler

(Canon Residentiary of St Paul’s)

1851 Robert Bickersteth

(Bishop of Ripon)

1857 Antony Thorold

(Bishop of Rochester, Bishop of Winchester)

1867 John Marjoribanks Nisbet

(Canon Residentiary of Norwich)

1892 Henry William Parry Richards

(Prebendary of St Paul’s)

1899 William Covington

(Prebendary and Canon of St Paul’s)

1909 Wilfred Harold Davies
1929 Albert Henry Lloyd
1941 Ernest Reginald Moore
1949 Gordon Clifford Taylor
2000 William Mungo Jacob

(Archdeacon of Charing Cross)

2015 Alan Cobban Carr