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Reaching Out

Following up this item first mentioned last month, an ideas and planning session has now been scheduled for 7pm to 9pm on Thursday, 24th May in the Vestry House to which everyone with an interest in our engagement with the wider world is very welcome to attend. Wil James, one of our churchwardens, will prompt us to think about what sort of church St Giles is, who we are, who we wish to reach out to and how we might best do this. The more we can hear from one another, the better will be our understanding of the task before us and the means to achieve it. Some simple refreshments will be served.

The 2018 Mission Grant

I wrote about the this new project last month and how we had received six applications to consider. I can now report that the grant of £20,000 is to be divided between a small, semi-rural parish in East Sussex and a larger town parish in Shipley, near Bradford.

St John the Evangelist in Hurst Green, Sussex is a congregation slowly growing under a new priest and wishing to forge links with the families of the parish by establishing a junior choir. The mission grant will fund the cost of employing a part-time choir leader for the next two years during which time it is hoped that the choir will become self-supporting. We know from our own experience at St Giles how formative a well-run choir can be and felt that, though the grant was relatively small at £5,500 over two years, it could in time have a significant impact.

A grant of £14,000 will be used differently at St Peter’s, Shipley, for there it will enable the church to continue to employ a community co-ordinator to work with volunteers for another year in running a variety of socially supportive projects, such as a food bank and advice centre. We were attracted to the down-to-earth nature of these projects and how they reflected the parish’s wish to express their Christian faith through practical, non-judgemental means.

Hopefully we can include news of the progress of these projects through the coming year.

Words of Thanks

I can well imagine that neither Thomas nor Alan will relish the following note which I offer by way of thanks but they are going to have to suffer with it anyway. Both stepped down from their respective posts on the PCC at the Annual Meeting on 29th April and certainly deserve at least the following.

Thomas Hardin

The only consolation I can find for Thomas stepping down as a churchwarden of St Giles-in-the-Fields is to know that he will remain with us in the congregation and continue singing in the evening choir! I know that Bill (Jacob) would join with me in saying that Thomas has been a real godsend (intended literally) to St Giles, and that through his faithful and skilled endeavour over the past number of years he has played a significant role in caring for and improving the fabric of the church and extending the range of our ministry and worship within the parish. It has been a real joy to welcome the arrival of Summer and Morgan over the past number of months and we certainly wish Thomas and Sean every blessing on their family. We are also grateful to Thomas for his work as a trustee of the William Shelton Charity on behalf of the PCC.

Alan Power

Some of you may not be aware of the role that Alan has occupied at St Giles these past number of years, but as our treasurer he has steered us through a very difficult series of negotiations at our West Street properties and has brought order and clarity to our church funds, and all with such good grace and forbearance of those, like myself, who can scarcely add up. I do not exaggerate things when I say that we would not have got through the projects of the last number of years without his leadership and guidance and that we shall long remain indebted to him. A deserved period on the Sunday morning pews now awaits him.

What’s On?

The primary ministry of St Giles is Christian hospitality. Our Church was founded for this purpose in 1101 and continues in the same spirit today.

The key way in which we express this is by remaining open for prayer and quiet throughout the week. No questions are asked of the one who comes to pray, and no demands made on the weary, the inquisitive or the random visitor. As God’s love is at the heart of our life and church, so his presence is at the heart of such hospitality.  We also seek to enrich the spiritual experience of visiting St Giles by playing host to a changing calendar of music, art and cultural events.

Finally, we work to make the church and its surroundings available for a wide range of community groups, local organisations and events. These activities are run by outside groups; however, we are delighted to be able to provide a space for these groups.

Christmas Services

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World Food Market

We host a World Food Market, arranged by Epicurean Events, in the North Churchyard on Thursdays from 10am to 3pm. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the churchyard and have a break from the usual sandwich shops, so do pop along if you work nearby for a choice of warm lunches from around the world.

World Food Market 3

Support Groups

Simon Community LogoSt Giles is pleased to host Support Groups who provide food and drink for the body, mind and spirit. From 2pm to 4pm on Saturdays and from 1.15pm to 3.15pm on Sundays the Simon Community set up a mobile Street Café in the north churchyard to dispense tea, coffee, sandwiches, fruit, cake and words of advice, seeking to reach out to the most unreachable. If you want to know more or find details of how to volunteer, please visit their website.

During the week, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups gather in the Vestry House behind the Church. By definition, these are only open to those who seek such support and in each case the website (or word of mouth) is usually the first point of contact. Theses groups are entirely self-directed and operate independently of St Giles, but we are pleased to provide meeting space at the heart of the West End, where both addictions are only too prevalent.

Details of the timing of support groups can be found in our calendar on the side of this page.


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St Giles is one of the most centrally located churches in London.  The church is situated a stone’s throw away from Centre Point and Tottenham Court Road Underground Station, between Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue.

The Church and adjacent Vestry House are often used for concerts, recitals and group meetings and we welcome and encourage enquiries from orchestras, recitalists, contemporary music groups, local community and self-help groups.  Many choral, orchestral and contemporary music groups have found the Church acoustics excellent and its distinctive West End setting perfect for drawing an audience.

The Church is available as a performance and gathering space for musical, theatrical and other events and is ideal for 20 to 200 or more people

The Large Vestry Room can seat up to about 30 for formal and informal meetings. For larger musical evenings the Large Vestry Room can also be hired at the same time as a ‘green room.’

To hire the Church or Vestry Room for your event, please review the pricing and hiring conditions below and then contact the Parish Office to arrange your booking.  We can be contacted by in person, by phone, or using the email form at the bottom of this page.

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