Parish News

Edna Dorothy Atkinson | 1919 – 2017

Edna, who lived in Endell Street nearby, had been in our prayers for some time, particularly since she moved to a nursing home in Oxfordshire, nearer to her closest relatives. She had gradually grown weaker and slightly more confused, and over her last few weeks gave up any desire to eat and drink very much – a familiar story. News of her death was not, therefore, unexpected, but it brought a jolt to the system all the same. Edna was ‘one of us;’ and for a church that seldom uses ‘us’ and ‘them’ language, this is saying much. She brightened the day and added presence to our worship. Her funeral service took place at St Giles on 2nd August. She is much missed.

Children’s events

The second Little Big Camp took place on the afternoon of Sunday, 25th June in the churchyard. I am so grateful to Clare, Oliver and Kate from our congregation for joining with Mary, Anthony, Chi, play leaders from the YMCA, myself and others for making this event so enjoyable. It is through such times that a sense of community is built up – slowly, gradually, with kindness and openness. And as it was so good, we are going to hold another before winter sets in – on Sunday, 17th September, from 2pm to 5pm. If anyone from St Giles could join me and others, it would be much appreciated.









Alongside these weekend events, the first of the Thursday play sessions in the church itself have been held, run in conjunction with the YMCA and supported with a grant from the William Shelton Charity.

First Sunday Giving

The First Sunday collections have continued through recent months and our thanks again to those who have contributed. £343.38 was raised in July for the Safer Streets team, which is also our cause for August, their last of the year.

Homeless art

In the coming weeks look out for a poster exhibition to be displayed on the churchyard railings with photographic art work from residents of St Mungo’s hostel at the top of Endell Street.

Everyone needs to find a way of expressing their experience of life, and those without the security of homes as much as anyone else.

Completion of the stonework renovation project

A project to restore the large stone memorial slabs to the south and east of the church has now been completed. It looks much improved. Our next major project is to provide floodlighting to the church tower, which is currently in the planning stage

What’s On?

The primary ministry of St Giles is Christian hospitality. Our Church was founded for this purpose in 1101 and continues in the same spirit today.

The key way in which we express this is by remaining open for prayer and quiet throughout the week. No questions are asked of the one who comes to pray, and no demands made on the weary, the inquisitive or the random visitor. As God’s love is at the heart of our life and church, so his presence is at the heart of such hospitality.  We also seek to enrich the spiritual experience of visiting St Giles by playing host to a changing calendar of music, art and cultural events.

Finally, we work to make the church and its surroundings available for a wide range of community groups, local organisations and events. These activities are run by outside groups; however, we are delighted to be able to provide a space for these groups.

The Children’s Space

Summer party invite (2)

Over the past year or so we have been working with a local mother and others on the idea of a semi-permanent children’s space to be set up at the west end of the church, to provide a safe, attractive and child-friendly environment where parents, carers and young children can spend time together. There are many families in our local community living in fairly cramped households who, from time to time (and especially in the winter months) need somewhere else to be with their children. To this end, and thanks to a grant from the William Shelton Educational Charity, a large rug and a varied collection of craft and play equipment has been acquired.

World Food Market

We host a World Food Market, arranged by Epicurean Events, in the North Churchyard on Thursdays from 10am to 3pm. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the churchyard and have a break from the usual sandwich shops, so do pop along if you work nearby for a choice of warm lunches from around the world.

World Food Market 3

Support Groups

Simon Community LogoSt Giles is pleased to host Support Groups who provide food and drink for the body, mind and spirit. From 2pm to 4pm on Saturdays and from 1.15pm to 3.15pm on Sundays the Simon Community set up a mobile Street Café in the north churchyard to dispense tea, coffee, sandwiches, fruit, cake and words of advice, seeking to reach out to the most unreachable. If you want to know more or find details of how to volunteer, please visit their website.

During the week, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups gather in the Vestry House behind the Church. By definition, these are only open to those who seek such support and in each case the website (or word of mouth) is usually the first point of contact. Theses groups are entirely self-directed and operate independently of St Giles, but we are pleased to provide meeting space at the heart of the West End, where both addictions are only too prevalent.

Details of the timing of support groups can be found in our calendar on the side of this page.