Parish News

First Sunday Giving

The HALO Trust is our charity for November. The collection will be taken not on the first, but on the second Sunday, the 9th, to coincide with Remembrance Sunday.

logoWe supported the Trust last year as well, which is dedicated to removing land mines from former fields of conflict. Manual de-miners are the backbone of most of their clearance programmes, because people can work in almost any ground conditions and reach places where it would be impossible to take machines. De-miners are equipped with electronic detectors which set off an alarm on even the smallest metal components in landmines. Each piece of metal must then be carefully excavated to determine if it is a landmine or not. This is painstaking work, and each individual deminer may only clear 10-50 square metres a day. It is not unknown for over a thousand deminers to be working in one place (such as along the old Taliban/Northern Alliance front lines south of Bagram airbase in Afghanistan). This is, surely, an essential peace-keeping work. Do support this cause if you can.

Deminer Jorge Daza celebrating the first mine found by HALO in Colombia last September (2013)

Deminer Jorge Daza celebrating the first mine found by HALO in Colombia last September (2013)


The Buried Treasure Bible Reading Group

Our bible reading group is currently looking at various themes in the literature of the Old Testament – monotheism, covenant, creation and so forth. New members are always welcome to drop in at 1pm on Tuesdays in the Vestry House. In November we are meeting on 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th.


Pastoral Services

We offer our congratulations to Stephen Taylor and Victoria Hann whose marriage took place on Saturday, 11th October, and look forward to the marriage of Paul Haddon and Neshaat Mirzaie on 15th November, our fourth and last of the year. On 16th November Jack and Thomas Aughterson, who live within the parish, are to be baptised during our morning service. We also announce that a former member of our morning congregation, Barbara Reading, died on 12th October. Her funeral service is taking place at St Giles at 1pm on Monday, 27th October. Those who came to know Barbara may wish to join us for this service, and would be very welcome.