Parish News

First Sunday Giving

Mind in Camden continues to be our primary recipient in July, on top of the other months when we have given for their work. We shall offer our collections on 6th July.

Mind in Camden LogoPreviously we have written about the ‘Hearing Voices’ project they run. Another works with people who have become addicted to minor tranquillisers. The service, established in 1988, provides support for individuals from who may be experiencing difficulties due to Benzodiazepine dependency. These individuals include existing, recovering, past and potential users, carers, friends and relatives of users, people using minor tranquillisers illegally and People using minor tranquillisers in combination with other drugs. ‘Being reassured that I could be helped kept me going [one client as written] it was a godsend and gave me a lifeline. The main psychological benefit was that I was accepted as I am. That makes a great deal of difference when you are ill.’ The Project provides a safe and supportive atmosphere where clients can discuss problems of taking and withdrawing from benzodiazepines. They are encouraged to reduce, but never pressurised to do so. Support Groups for users and ex-users are run, escorts to provide assistance to clients suffering agoraphobia to allow attendance at medical appointments are provided, and home visits are made.

Buried Treasure

1pm on Tuesdays at St Giles continues to be the time and place for Buried Treasure, our weekly Bible Reading group. We are now almost at the end of John’s gospel. I am around to lead the group for all the sessions in July – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th. Even if you have not joined us before, you would be very welcome. I advertise it as ‘informal and informative,’ and hope that is how it comes across to others. Currently we are meeting in the small vestry house room behind the church itself.